Sunday, August 21, 2005

Henry Miller - In Russian

"My misfortune, metaphysically speaking, is that I was born neither in the time of Jesus nor in holy Russia of the nineteenth century." -- Henry Miller, Plexus (p.637)
By trawling the internet for Miller content, I came across a site devoted to Henry entirely in Russian: I don't speak Russian, but maybe some of you do. For the rest of us, all there is to see is a bibliography that contains small photos of book covers of Russian editions; plus, six pages of pictures of Henry.
For the book cover above (for a 1999 edition of Plexus), I copied the title from this Russian site, Googled it for Images, then found this one at this Russian bookseller site. I could only discipher the title of this book as Plexus after searching it by its ISBN number (ISBN 5-8370-0221-9).
Here's an on-line transcription of Tropic Of Cancer in Russian, embellished with sexually explicit drawings.
You know, I don't think I've ever found a French site devoted to Miller. I have no idea how he's regarded in France these days.
One last thing: Miller's major works are searchable by word, right on your computer. Maybe it's been like this all along--I had no idea--but, using for a search of, say, Tropic Of Cancer, one can scroll down to "Inside This Book" and type in a word or phrase. The resulting list will give you a page number and the sentence in which the word appears. You can sign up to view the entire passage, or just grab your own copy and look it up.


Anonymous peter patti said...

"Here's an on-line transcription of Tropic Of Cancer in Russian, embellished with sexually explicit drawings."

Wow! I thought as I read these lines, and clicked on the link. But - as it often happens in the Leviathan called "Internet"
- I found only a "Document not found"-page.

The image in your article shows the cover of Henry MillerĀ“s "Plexus" in Russian language.

Bye and thank you for your wonderful website!

3:27 am  
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