Saturday, July 22, 2006

New York Residences To 1930

Here is a list of Henry Miller's New York and Brooklyn addresses from his birth in 1891 to his second, more permanent departure for Paris in 1930. The list is not meant to be comprehensive; just a chronological list to use as reference. Some info is not available to me at the moment, but will be updated at a future date. Individual details about each address will get coverage in their own postings at various points in the future.

450 East 85th Street (Brooklyn)
[1891 - 1892]
Miller family home at the time of his birth.
662 Driggs Avenue (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
[1892 - 1900]
Childhood home to age 8 or 9.
1063 Decatur Street (Bushwick, Brooklyn)
[1900 - 1917]
Henry called this his "Street of Early Sorrows." His parents continued to live here for a long time. More than once, Henry would return here with his tail between his legs, to live with his parents as an adult.
244 6th Avenue (Brooklyn)
[1917 - 1923]
Newlywed home, first marriage (Beatrice). Beatrice caught Henry and June in a comprimised position in this house and promptly kicked Henry out in 1923.
Home of Dr. Paul Luttinger, The Bronx
Dubbed "Cockroach Hall" by Henry and June, who stayed here temporarily after Henry was kicked out.
524 Riverside Drive (Manhattan)
[1923 - 1924]
Apartment shared by Henry and June, along with Emil and Celia Conason.
91 Remsen Street (Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn)
[1924 - 1925]
Henry and June's newlywed home after their marriage on June 1, 1924.
Garden Place (Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn)
After being evicted from Remsen, Henry and June rented nearby, only to be asked to leave by the racist landlady who did not like them fraternizing with the neighbouring Syrians.
284 Sixth Street (Brooklyn?)
Old friend Stanley Borowski lets Henry and June stay at his place for a while.
Home of Karl Karsten, Far Rockaway
Henry and June briefly work for their room and board for a pedantic scientist.
Clinton Avenue (Williamsburgh, Brooklyn)
Henry and June rent briefly at an address they can barely afford.
106 Perry Street (Greenwich Village, Manhattan)
[1925 - 1926]
Henry and June open their own speakeasy in a basement, using the kitchen as their home. Henry goes off on a speculative adventure in Florida and comes back to a repossessed home. He once again must stay with his parents on Decatur Street.
Hancock Street (Brooklyn)
Money from writing allows Henry to get a new apartment.
Remsen Street (Brooklyn)
A different apartment than the one before at #91. While in this basement apartment, June brings home Jean Kronski.
Henry Street (Brooklyn)
[1926 - 1927]
I don't know the exact address, but it's at the intersection with Love Lane.
Henry, June and Jean all move into another basement apartment together. The Crazy Cock years and Nexus years. June and Jean run off to Paris without Henry while here. Henry is again driven to Decatur Street out of desperation.
Somewhere in Brooklyn Heights (Brooklyn)
After two months away, June returns from France and find her and Henry a place to rent. In 1928, Henry accompanies June to Europe for the first time. They stay for several months.
180 Clinton Avenue (Brooklyn)
Henry and June move here after their return from Europe. This is Henry's last address before making his fateful move to Paris in 1930.

Here's a posting about the New York apartments Henry stayed in when he returned from Paris for a brief stay in 1935.


Blogger Bill Arnold said...

i appreciate the above list of HM residences, but would like to point out that the birthplace is not mapped correctly. According to bio. by Jay Martin, HM was born in Yorkville, east of Central Park, on the island of Manhattan and not in Brooklyn.

Bill Arnold
HM scholar
see my HM-Ba Collection of Amherst College, Mass.

9:51 am  
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