Saturday, November 04, 2006

Miller Blog Disclaimer

To All Who Read This Blog

This blog is an amateur's personal project--conducted in public--to explore the subject of Henry Miller. This exploration is neither complete nor worthy of your unquestioning trust. As we have all probably learned by now, information should not necessarily be considered valid by virtue of the fact that it is on the internet. I do attempt--to the best of my ability--to post accurate information; but, please note, I have not read everything written by or about Miller, nor have I managed to put the whole complicated mess into irrefutable order. That's what I'm trying to do, piece by piece, with this blog. In fact, that is the point of this blog. As I learn more, I update older entries. This is a work in progress.

This blog is a fan site for Miller. It is a collection of bits of information, a scrapbook, an aggregator, a webzine. For absolute authority, seek out the serious scholars and their works.

It is my responsibilty to make the attempt to portray the life and work of Henry Miller--who was a loved human being with a valued legacy--with as much honesty and accuracy as possible. It is your responsibility to realize that you are reading a personal blog from some anonymous guy on the internet.

Let me define this blog in a different way, to further the point I'm trying to make: instead of thinking about this as being a blog about Henry Miller, consider that it is really a blog about a guy who is the process of researching the life of Henry Miller. You may disagree with this statement, but by understanding this perspective, you are in a more accurate headspace when considering the degree of credibilty with which you should read.

If you feel that I am misrepresenting the memory and legacy of Henry Miller, please let me know.

If I am posting material that you have created and you don't feel that it has been used in the spirit of "fair use," please let me know.

If you disagree with my analysis of anything, please leave a comment and help set the record straight. I am entitled to my opinions and interpretations, but would hate to be dead wrong about an actual fact. This is especially true as I annotate Nexus.

Having said all of this, please know that I am trying to be more diligent with my references, with making my uncertainties more obvious, and just generally working from a position of good will and good intention.

I appreciate everyone who visits and especially those who leave comments. It makes this project more fun and worthwhile to know that other Miller fans are out there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I appreciate your concern, you do an excellent job, and those who can't understand that you are a fan doing your best, will probably not have their concerns addressed by your preamble. Best to forget them and the preamble, and do what you have been doing very well-- continue chronically the legacy of HVM.

10:48 am  
Blogger RuKsaK said...

you do do an excellent job indeed and I love coming here to read about all the bits about Miller I didn't know.

One thing I believe I do know as well is that Miller would have appreciated your enthusiasm much more than typical cold scholarliness.

8:42 am  
Blogger Slobodan Burgher said...

Hear hear!

I agree w. previous two post. I love reading your blog on spare times such as lunch hours etc. Sometimes it is very informative and sometimes it is simply just entertaining.

Please keep up the good work and don't be discouraged to keep it up!

Tony G

8:59 am  
Blogger RC said...

Thanks to you all for your support. But I do think this disclaimer was a good idea, after all. If someone sees that I'm putting effort into this and that it is entertaining, they may start getting comfortable with the idea that everything I say must be accurate (which isn't necessarily so, though I hope it is). I think it's worth over-emphasizing this point.
By the way, if Miller could hate Jay Martin (whose biography of Miller I like), I don't imagine he would have liked me much. Then again, he may have enjoyed the immediate access of posting corrections of everything I say and setting things straight. One can only imagine Miller on the internet.

8:37 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoy the thoughts you bring forth, don't bother yourself with the trivialities of absolute truth. How many different stories are told when 3 people witness a car crash? There is truth in each one... Thank you for keeping this journal, and a writing style that has jive.

2:15 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, RC, with those who are telling you to forget about pleasing everyone. Miller himself strove for spiritual/internal truth rather than factual/external truth. With respect to biographers, critics, etc., he once told Erica Jong, "When you write about me, make it all up!" (The Devil at Large 6). Clearly, Miller wasn't straitjacketed by a need for 100% accuracy (whatever the hell THAT is) and sought instead to represent the essence of the facts--what lies behind them, on top of them, around them. Screw the literalists.

7:55 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey RC!
Miller would have loved what you’re doing!!!
You write with « guts » and the excitement and pleasure you give us are of eminent worth...
Please keep up this wonderful blog!!!

1:30 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To add more more of same of what's been said... This blog is wonderful, a passionate and human antidote to all the academic, psuedo-intellectual dreariness written about the great man, the greatest, most alive writer i've ever read by miles, no one comes close for me. Probably the sort of blog our mate Henry himself would have set up back in the day to rave about Dostoevsky, Hamsun, Nietzsche or some other firm favourite. I'm always excited to find a new entry posted here, as i know i'm in for something i never knew. Have no doubts, keep it up! xxx

4:19 pm  
Blogger Jan van Kampenhout said...

I'm a Miller fan, and really enjoy your blog. It's as good (and often better) than some of the biographys I've read. Thanks for all your effort!

11:42 am  
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