Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Miller Letter To Orwell, August 1936

Here's a fragment of a letter from Henry Miller to George Orwell in August 1936. This excerpt was published in Orwell: Wintry Conscience Of A Generation by Jeffrey Meyers. In it, Miller begins with his reaction to Orwell's novel Down And Out In Paris And London, in which Orwell had documented his experiences with poverty in those cities:

"It's almost fantastic; it's so incredibly true! How you ever held out for so long is beyond me .... Did you ever get to China? It's a pity you couldn't have had another section on down and out in Shanghai. That would be the coup de grace!"
[p. 107]

Miller has stated in an interview: "I was crazy about [Orwell's] book Down And Out In Paris And London; I think it's a classic. For me it's still his best book."
[Int. w/ George Wickes, 1962, Paris Review; quoted from Conversations With Henry Miller, p.56]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I guess you have also seen that you may buy digital versions of a selection of Henry Miller books over at Olympia Press...




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Blogger RC said...

Thanks for the tip, Tony. Yes, I'd noticed this before, but I think I'll stick to my musty paperbacks.

7:53 pm  
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