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Miller In The Pacifica Radio Archives

Several documentary items related to Henry Miller exist in the archives of the Pacifica Radio network (a.k.a KPFA). One of them--a 30 minute interview with Miller--is available online as a free MP3 file.

First, here's a list of the items (descriptions only) in their archive. It seems they may be purchased in either cassette tape or CD format, for $7.50, $15 or $40, depending on length:

Recorded in Paris, 1972. 8 minutes.
Reading from Tropic of Cancer, and actuality of an award ceremony in Paris making Miller a member of the French Institute of Arts and Letters. Awards presentation by Monsignor Didier Raguenet.
Broadcast on KPFK, Jan 3, 1972.

Recorded Jan 1972, produced by KPFK. 23:40.
American author, Henry Miller in conversations and interview with LC. Powell, Alfred Perles, Lawrence Durell, Anais Nin, Jacob Gimbel, and poet Robert Snyder.
Broadcast on KPFK, Jan 1972.

Produced by Cynthia Sears, Los Angeles, 1972. 58 minutes.
Biographical sketch of the American author.
Broadcast on KPFK, Jan 19, 1972.

Produced by Cynthia Sears, Los Angeles, 1972. 60 minutes.
Lawrence Durrell, Dr. Lawrence Clark Powell and Joyce Howard discuss Miller's life and work.
Broadcast on KPFK, Jan 29, 1972.

5. The Man and His Friends.
Produced by Cynthia Sears, interview by Jean Phan; Los Angeles, 1972. 62 minutes.
Friends of Henry Miller discuss theirimpression of him. Includes statements by L.C. Powell, Robert Snyder, Alfred Perles, Lawrence Durell, Anais Nin, and Jacob Gimpel.
Broadcast on KPFK, Jan 12, 1972.

Produced by Cynthia Sears, Los Angeles, 1972.
Portrait of the American author through interviews and readings of his work.
Broadcast on KPFK, Jan 5, 1972.

Directed by Michael Lindsay ; produced by Jay Kugelman. Los Angeles, 1982. 148 minutes.
Dramatized reading of the letters of Henry Miller and Lawrence Durrell.
Broadcast on KPFK, Dec 26-30, 1982.

Los Angeles, 1972. 211 minutes.
Author reads selections from his own works.
Broadcast on KPFK, Jan 4-25, 1972.

Recorded October 1971. 63:00
Author reads selections from his own works. CONTENTS: Insomnia or The Devil at Large.
Broadcast on KPFK, Nov 14, 1971.

Read by Norman Belkin. 67 minutes.
Reading of Miller's short story.
Broadcast on KPFK, June 1964.

Read by Michael Gwynne. Los Angeles, June 7, 1964. 37 minutes.
Reading of Henry Miller's "The Staff of Life".
Broadcast on KPFK, Aug 1, 1964.

Recorded in New York City, 1956. 53 minutes. Interviewed by Ben Grauer. See this posting for more information regarding the LPs this interview is on.
Interview with author Henry Miller, best known for the novel The Tropic of Cancer, and the heated controversy surrounding its publication on the basis of obscenity charges. Miller discusses his writing, his contributions to the world of literature and art, and his battle against censorship.
Broadcast on KPFK, Sep 6, 1991.
Part II. 42 minutes. Part III. 95 minutes.
Broadcast on KPFK, Dec 6, 1991.

Los Angeles, 1967. 63 minutes.
Reading of Miller's novel.
Broadcast on WBAI, Jan 7, 1967.

Produced by Mark Torres. Recorded March 1997. 59 minutes.
Hosted by Verna Avery Brown. This is nineteen in a series of twenty six programs which explore the opinions and ideas of some of America's most intriguing figures. This program features novelist Henry Miller, in a series of interviews on the topics of his writing, life in general, politics and astrology.
Broadcast April 7, 1997.

Los Angeles, 1972. 56 minutes.
Lawrence Durrell, Lawrence Clark Powell, and Robert Snyder read selections from Miller's works.
Broadcast on KPFK, Jan 26, 1972.


A 25-minute excerpt from Ben Grauer's 1956 interview with Miller in New York City is listenable online in both MP3 and Real Media formats on the Talking History website [scroll down when you get to it - Sept 28, 2006]. The interview is part of Pacifica's From The Vault series, which is available for sale, along with material compiled from the sources listed above.

A good part of this interview involves Henry describing his years with Alfred Perles in Clichy (1932-33), including his daily itinerary of writing, eating, biking, working at the Tribune, and hanging out with prostitutes at the bistros and cafes.

Here's a run-down of other topics, with timecode references:

(5:55) Being bothered by fans at Big Sur;

(6:25) Learning from the writing routine of Perles: geting more done by doing little but doing it regularly;

(9:40) Why he chose the titles Tropic Of Cancer and Tropic Of Capricorn;

(12:25) The character of French prostitutes;

(17:20) The Place de Clichy -- "like Broadway."

(21:30) Admiration and awe of France -- "The whole history of France is exciting."

(24:00) In praise of the French character.

(26:15) In praise of the character of French women -- "Frenchmen know how to include women." By comparison, "the American woman is a drag."
In case you missed the link above, here it is again: Henry Miller interview, 1956.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is absolutely fantastic. I had no idea this stuff existed. I plan to get my hands on as much as possible.

7:21 pm  
Blogger borderglider said...

Thanks for this rare work. I am interested in Miller's essay 'The Staff of Life' which is item number 11 on your KPFK archive. However, whenever I click on ANY of the items I just get a blank page and the message 'Your search term has expired'. Are these links supposed to work?

6:36 am  
Anonymous vow said...

I too am interested in item number 11, Miller's essay "The staff of life", but am getting the same results as borderglider, ie the links don't work.

6:48 pm  
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