Thursday, August 02, 2007

Chicago Tribune & Hôtel Cronstadt

After a lengthy absence, it appears that the excellent Miller Walks website has returned. There are two news posts this week. First, there is a posting about the Chicago Tribune in Paris, for whom Miller was employed in the unlikely role as a stock market stat proofreader in August 1931.
"Miller’s ironic position as a proofreader of stock market quotations during the midst of The Great Depression afforded him a unique perspective. From his perch at the proofreaders desk he surveyed the collapsing world economy with the sense of detached amusement that permeates Tropic of Cancer."

Second, there is a post about the Hotel Cronstadt, in which Henry and Alfred Perles stayed for a couple of weeks while their new apartment in Clichy was fumigated and repaired in March 1932.
"The Cronstadt had two points of recommendation for Miller. First, it was convenient, located directly across the narrow rue Lamartine from his office at The Chicago Tribune. And second, the look of the place had a certain charm for Miller, as he told Anaïs Nin, 'The Cronstadt looks like what a French hotel should look like.'"

Great posts, with pictures. Take a look.


Anonymous Kreg said...

Hey RC,

Thanks for the praise and encouragement. There will be more Miller Walks material to come. As Hemingway said, "There is never any end to Paris".

1:24 am  
Anonymous Eric D. Lehman said...


I'm going to use your wonderful site when I visit Paris for my honeymoon in Jan. We'll see how many of them my new wife will put up with...


2:50 pm  
Blogger RC said...

Congrats on the marriage, Eric. Don't blow it with too much Miller!

4:14 pm  
Anonymous Eric said...

Haha, thanks RC! I'll try not to.

1:24 pm  
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