Monday, January 14, 2008

Dogmatika's Henry Miller Week

Edited by Susan Tomaselli, Dogmatika is a monthly litzine with a companion daily blog. A few days after Henry's last birthday on December 26th, Dogmatika's blog arm compiled freelance contributions and items from other websites to make up what it called "Henry Miller Week." Some of these postings are excerpts from other sources, but a couple of these essays are original to Dogmatika.
Whitman Among The Corpses by Darran Anderson
Tropic Of Cancer and Henry Miller.
"For this is not just a book, it's a great orchestra of sounds, nocturnes, impressionist city-sketches, expressionist cacophonies, surging anthems, all the laments, dirges, curses and serenades that make up the song of existence."
This is not an essay, but several clips from Tom Schiller's Asleep And Awake compiled from YouTube onto a single page for your convenience (for an actual copy of the DVD, visit here).
Henry and Me by Steven Wheeler
A reflection on the place of Miller's books in the life of the author.
"I became interested and then obsessed with Miller's writing, read everything of his I could get my hands on. I still have a worn copy of Tropic of Cancer by my bedside along with Flann O'Brien's, The Poor Mouth. For some reason, which I don't want to analyse, both books are places of refuge for me when I just want to relax and enjoy the language. At times like that I don't think as much about the content of what I'm reading as much as how the words are strung together. Finding Henry's writing was like the moment when Shakespeare made sense to me in high school: a light bulb was switched on."
"A writer needs very little to stimulate him. The fact of being a writer means that more than other men he is given to cultivating the imagination. Life itself provides abundant material. Superabundant material. The more one writes the less books stimulate. One reads to corroborate, that is, to enjoy one's own thoughts expressed in the multifarious ways of others."


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