Monday, April 07, 2008

New York Locations List

Last year, I found an Ebay item for sale, written in Henry Miller’s hand. It was several pages of a list of various (mostly) New York locations from Henry’s life, provided to the producers of the documentary, The Henry Miller Odyssey. Presumably, the list was provided to Robert Snyder and company to help locate buildings and intersections for filming.

Digital photographs of these ten pages accompanied the Ebay listing, but these images were small [see below]. I have done my best to transcribe these barely-legible documents. Words within square brackets [like this] mean I’m not certain they’re correct. Dashes inside these brackets [like ---s] means I can't makes out the word or letters. Round brackets (like this) are Henry’s. The information isn’t really earth-shattering, but aids in confirming biographical facts. Henry also adds the occasional interesting comment, like his reference to a synagogue at Lexington and 52nd where he wrote most of The Colossus Of Maroussi. This list also helped me last year as I tried to establish the dance hall in which Henry met June.

The first two pages of Henry's location list for The Henry Miller Odyssey. These pages were not numbered. The referenced page numbers are mine alone, based on the order as I found them.

The original Ebay listing for this sale is long gone, but I think the lot was sold to an American bookseller, who likely sold it to for a profit to a private buyer.

Page 1:
Born corner 85th St + York Ave, NY over saloon -- top floor.
P.S. 85 – Evergreen + Covert, Bklyn
P.S. (?) – Driggs Ave. + North 5th [St].
First school (torn down) on North 1st bet. Driggs + Bedford Aves.
* Police Station – Bedford Ave + [No. 1st] St.
[Grand St.] – Raynolds’ Bakery
Vossler’s Drug Store

Page 2:
Corse Payton’s Theatre (melodramas) Lee Ave. Bklyn
Synagogue – off Lex. Ave. (52nd ?) NY where I wrote some most of Colossus
Caresse Crosby’s place in Virginia – more of Colossus
Some of the eating joints (old ones) in the Village
Fredericksburg, Va. (college) where Schnellock taught
Harlem – the great dance place!
Arcadia Dance Hall (June) [?]
the one opposite – [?] with Fletcher Henderson’s Band [?]

Page 3:
[Grand] Street from Driggs to the [F-----]
[S---] Street – U.S. [Street] (Navy Yard)
[N----] of [---] Avenue.
East Side – Manhattan
W.U. Office – [Park Pl.] NY
“ “ -- [ Hat---- Bldg]
[Walla----] Market Bldg
Fulton (fish) “ NY
[Al Burger’s] district
Had [------] – [B----]
([Scarlett Street])
Montague Library – Bklyn
The Ferry [-----ty] – [Hamilton] Ave (?)

These are the pages I have called Page 3, 4 and 5.

Page 4:
[---] [----] Saloon – 2nd Ave. about [28th]
([------] [------])
Houston St. Burlesk, 2nd Ave + Houston NY
The [---] + [----] Bowery [NY] The daily walk to [51st St] [NY]
The [st--fs] at Bklyn Bridge
Wall St. – Atlas Portland Cement, 30 Broad St NY
The Wolcott Hotel )
The [Preston] ) NY
The Broztell )
Tailor Shop – 5 W [31st] [or 32nd] NY
2nd or 3rd floor, opp. Hotel Wolcott

Page 5:
The old Madison Square [Garden] (fights, wrestling, 6 day [B----])
[Ta-----y] Hall + Burlesk
Tom Sharkey’s Saloon [14th] St NY
Union Square – [14th] St NY [-------] – [Ed-cat----]
Henry St. Settlement NY
Neighborhood Play House NY
[Te------mitz’s] [Roumanian?] [Restaurant]
Café Royale Chess Club – 2nd Ave NY

Page 6:
[St-------] Square – [Polish restaurant?] NY
Dance Halls – B’way NY
Place where Pauline + I lived (?)
[Fulton] St. Theatre [oppo. end]
[Theatre] at [----otte] [----] + B’way – [standing up] – 50 ¢
[Delancey] St + adjoining [o----] [from] [--------y] to 5th Ave + [30th St] [---ly]
[----] [Island] [------ -----], [most] beautiful spot [in world]
[Sw-----t--d] Lake NJ, [Fallsburgh], NY (vacations)

Page 7:
[244] at 6th Ave NY ([---------])
662 Driggs Ave ([----------])
8th Ave. (?)
[Flatbush] (?) (C---- St + ------ ---- (--)
1063 Decatur St (Street of Early Sorrows)
91 Remsen St ([where I begin writing] [in earnest]), [P---] Hall
The Henry Street [basemt] – (---? L---- came)]
[S-----] [Street]

Pages 6, 7, 8

Page 8:
9th St. [-----] [----] (?) + [ Hoboken?] [First place with] B------
Palace Theatre NY [B------g]
The Roseland – Dance Hall
Presbyterian Church – [Boys’ ------] [Hamburg} St – B’klyn
[T-----] [V----] [ B-----d] + [G------] [Brooklyn]
Walk from Decactur + [B-------d] to Devoe St, Bklyn
Glendale – [Lambs----] [----y] [dogs]
85th St NY near East River [------] with [c-------]

Page 9:
Perry St. – speakeasy
[Trommer’s] Beer Garden
[Cl-------] Cemetery
[Bushwick] Ave Promenade
[Push] to [---se] (The [Walk])
Greenwich Village
Riverside Drive
[Ma-----eth], L. I. [got ----- ------]
Blue Point, L. I.
Places in New Jersey
Others – [outskirts NY]
Sheepshead Bay + [Bensonhurst] (more)

Page 10:
[G. D.] High School
Corse Payton Theatre
The [Fountain] – [Radford] Ave
Fillmore Place
North 2nd St
187 Devoe St + neighborhood
Novelty, The Bum, The Gayety, The Follies -- ) Theatres


Anonymous RealityStudio said...

Page 1

[Grand St] - Reynolds' Bakery

Definitely Grand St.

Page 3

[Grand] Street from Driggs to the [F-----]

Definitely Grand Street. F looks like Ferry (across the East River).

[N----] of [---] Avenue.

That doesn't say "north of" that says Metropolitan Avenue.



[Walla----] Market Bldg

Maybe Waterfront Market Bldg?

Had [------] – [B----]

Red Hook - Bklyn

The Ferry [-----ty] – [Hamilton] Ave (?)

Definitely Hamilton Ave

Page 4

The [---] + [----] Bowery [NY]

The old + new Bowery

The [st--fs] at Bklyn Bridge

The steps at Bklyn Bridge

Page 5

The old Madison Square [Garden] (fights, wrestling, 6 day [B----])

Definitely Garden. [B----] = Bike?

[Ta-----y] Hall + Burlesk

Tammany Hall

Tom Sharkey's Saloon [14th] St NY

Definitely 14th St.

Union Square – [14th] St NY [-------] – [Ed-cat----]

Definitely 14th St.

[Te------mitz's] [Roumanian?] [Restaurant]

Probably Berkowitz's Roumanian Restaurant

Page 6

[St-------] Square – [Polish restaurant?] NY

Stuyvesant Square

[Fulton] St. Theatre [oppo. end]

Fulton St.

[Theatre] at [----otte] [----] + B'way – [standing up] – 50 ¢

Theatre at Lafayette Ave (really street)

[Delancey] St + adjoining [o----] [from] [--------y] to 5th Ave + [30th St] [---ly]

Delancey St + adjoining [o----] from Bowery

[----] [Island] [------ -----], [most] beautiful spot [in world]

Ellis? Island

[Sw-----t--d] Lake NJ, [Fallsburgh], NY (vacations)

Page 9

[Ma-----eth], L. I. [got ----- ------]

Probably Maspeth

Page 10:

The [Fountain] – [Radford] Ave

Maybe Bedford Ave

10:43 am  
Blogger RC said...

Hey, thanks for the disciphering assistance! It's helpful.

8:20 pm  
Anonymous RealityStudio said...

No sweat, RC. I'm a NYer. It's just too bad the images are so small. Do you have images of pages 9 & 10?

I don't often comment, by the way, but I read your every post. You're doing a wonderful job here.

10:53 pm  
Blogger Onadrought said...

Your blog is amazing. A Miller fan from age 18 (20 years ago) when I stumbled across Tropic of Cancer which led me to live in Paris for 6 months at age 24 I found your blog whilst googling for information about Henry's New York. Et voila, you've got a list. As an Aussie, I plan to go to NYC this Oct/Nov and of course must see Henry's old stomping ground. Thanks.

7:08 pm  
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