Sunday, November 26, 2006

Nexus: The Int'l Henry Miller Journal - Vol 2

Here's a short run-down of the second issue of the Nexus journal, from 2005. This journal has published three volumes over the past three years.


Cover: photograph of Henry Miller by Robert Young.

p. 2 - Guest Editor's Note by Karl Orend.

p.7 - The Street by Beatrice Commenge.
(about the various streets Miller had known)

p. 15 - The Secret Paris Of Henry Miller by J. Gerald Kennedy.

p. 60 - Making A Place for Henry Miller in the American Classroom by Karl Orend.

p. 67 - "Convinced of the dead certainty of death": Henry Miller's Tropic Of Capricorn and the Nexus of Fear and Violence by James Gifford.

p. 80 - Henry Miller and Otto Rank by E. James Lieberman

p. 100 - Nirvana Needed: The Anarchist Politics of Henry Miller by Eric Laursen

p. 117 - Turd in the Whorehouse, Bomb Up the Ass: The Anal Apocalypse of Henry Miller by Paul Hansom

p. 130 - The Scandanavian Connection: Impulses from Strindberg's Inferno and Hamsun's Hunger in Miller's Tropic Of Cancer by Finn Jensen

p. 144 - The Whole Man by Mark SaFranco

p. 140 - Georges Duhamel and Luis Bunuel in Tropic Of Cancer byYasundori Honda

p. 158 - Henry Miller Versus "Our Way Of Life" by Barney Rosett

p. 166 - Huckelberry Finn and Other Picaros -- Barney Rosett's Henry Miller in the Age of Racism, Oppression and War by Karl Orend

p. 230 - Photo: restaurant that appears as "Ginette's" in Tropic of Cancer.

p. 231 - Photo: store on rue de la Tombe Issoire in which Miller used to grocery shop.

p. 232 - Miller Notes (on Miller in new scholarship and popular culture)

Visit the Nexus journal website for information on purchasing any of the volumes.
Read a summary of Volume One.
Read a summary of Volume Three.


Blogger Alanna said...

The article on "Making a place for Henry Miller in the American classroom" is excellent. It's the first time I've seen articulated what I believe an empty space in our literary education system that can only be filled by Henry Miller. Glad to see you're reprinting it. Nice to know others care. Thanks.

1:53 am  
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