Saturday, March 11, 2006

Nexus - International Henry Miller Journal #3

Nexus: The International Henry Miller Journal has been published annually since 2004. Volume 3 was made available a short time ago. The Journal is an incredible resource and one which I've only recently acquired. At over 200 pages per issue, it's a substantial collection of well-written essays, research papers, personal recollections, homages, news and other Henry Miller-related pieces. Simply put, Henry Miller Lives Here. This is the definitive Henry Miller nexus point, where all of the academics, supporters, researches, friends and fans intersect. If you are interested enough in Miller to have found this blog, then you are missing out--as I was--if you haven't already treated yourself to Nexus.

Although the Nexus website [linked above] has all of the basic information you need, it hasn't been updated since the first issue, so the details of the most current issue aren't available to peruse. For this reason, I've provided the following run-down of Nexus - IHMJ, volume 3:

Paris Revisited (Henry Miller) - Miller essay, written late in his life ("my legs are no longer strong enough to carry me there") in which he recounts his days in Paris and analyzes the difference between his Paris and the Paris of others.

The Miller Affair (Maximilien Vox) /
Maximilien Vox and the Miller Affair (Karl Orend) -
In-depth look at the politics of the French publishing world before and after WWII, putting the "Miller Affair" (French censorship battle over Miller's work) into context.

Nobuyoshi Araki, The Crazy Henry Miller (Katrin Burtschell) - The Japanese photographer Araki ("the Japanese Henry Miller) is compared to Miller on points of style and an appreciation for Japan.

The Artisans of a Legend (Beatrice Commenge) - Miller and Lawrence Durrell's relationship is explored in this recollection by their French biographer, Commenge.

Alfred Perles and June Mansfield - Some Unforgiving Encounters in the Shadow of Henry Miller (Karl Orend) - In-depth essay on the relational dynamics of Perles, Mansfield and Miller, with much biographical detail about the subjects, plus Jean Kronski.

June Miller: Remnants of a Life (James M Decker) - Exploration of the documentation of June's life, including updated research regarding her immigration to America, the life of second husband Stratford Corbett and details about her final days.

Henry Steps Out (Harry Kiakis) - Previously unpublished journal excerpts by Miller friend Kiakis, detailing a day of hanging out with Henry in October 1969, capturing many insightful comments by Miller. This exciting new source of Miller material is to be an on-going series.

Dear Henry (Normajean MacLeod) - Effective poem written as a letter from Durrell to Miller from beyond the grave, contemplating the sum of their careers.

Henry Miller and Anais Nin - Artistes de la vie (Jacques Lallie) - The production of a French play about Miller and Anais Nin and the dramatic threads found within their love affair is described by its writer/performer Lallie.

Henry and Me (Susan Kidder Herr) - Herr, a fan who became a friend of Henry's, deconstructs Miller and lovingly recollects her every moment with him.

Anais Nin in the Light of Her Father's Love (Karl Orend) - Thorough, extensively-footnoted essay about Anais Nin and her relationship with her father.

1917 Draft Registration Form - Copy only (not very legible).

Miller Notes - Several pages of listings of "current scholarship on Miller, as well as significant popular references to Miller or his work." Includes updates of newly-found material not found in Roger Jackson's Miller bibliographies.

Here's a summary for Volume Two of this journal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug, RC. We are always looking for new approaches to Miller and his circle and will gladly consider unsolicited articles.

I've got someone working on updating the site (including the dead PayPal link), and she should be finished shortly. In the meantime, people interested in paying by PayPal can simply log into to PayPal, select "send money," and enter as the recipient.

8:25 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi RC.

I just wanted to second your admiration for Nexus. It really is a great resource for anyone interested in Miller. I think that Karl Orend's article on Anais Nin is particularly illuminating, - a thorough reevaluation of Nin's psyche that paves the way for a wholly new understanding of her relationship with Miller.

Another great resource is A Cafe in Space - a journal devoted to Anais Nin which always has a few articles focusing on Miller. They've recently released their third volume.

11:28 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! I hope I will be able to get hold of issues 1-3; might look into the Anais one too! / All the best

12:03 pm  
Anonymous tienda said...

Goodness, there is so much useful information above!

4:20 am  
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