Monday, October 01, 2007

Henry Miller Library Souvenir Book

Henry Miller Memorial Library: MISSION STATEMENT
"The Henry Miller Library is a public benfit, non-profit organization championing the literary, artistic and cultural contributions of the late writer, artist and Big Sur resident Henry Miller. The Library also serves as a cultural resource center, fuctioning as a public gallery/ performance/workshop space for artists, writers, musicians and students. In addition, the Library supports education in the arts and the local environment. Finally, the Library serves as a social center for the community."

I have never visited the Henry Miller Library at Big Sur, California. Yet I have vivid, impressionistic memories of the mystical Big Sur coast, thanks to my reading of Miller's Big Sur And The Oranges of Hieronymous Bosch. That's why, one day, I'm sure to make the trip to the cozy shack above the ocean.

A view at Big Sur, by Mark Jackson
The prolific Roger Jackson has made the excursion a number of times. Just recently, he has created a glossy souvenir book called Henry Miller & The Henry Miller Library: A Souvenir Booklet. The 70-page book (6x9 inches) contains 100 Miller quotes (broken down into thematic sections, like Books and Sex), plus information about the Library, its history and its Archive. There are also a number of colour photographs throughout the book, taken by commercial photographer Mark Jackson (yes, a relation: his son). The 36 photos cover everything from the blue scenic views of Big Sur to the toasty amber of the Library interiors, the walls of which are replete with framed Millerania.
These booklets will be on sale at the Library. For those who have been there but went home without a souvenir--or for those who just like to collect everything to do with Miller--this handsome booklet is available for $10 (post-paid) from:

Roger Jackson, 339 Brookside Dr., Ann Arbor, MI 48105

I leave you with several photo series' of the Henry Miller Library, posted on Flickr.

And a couple of older Big Sur-related posts: Big Sur: The Way It Was; Miller in the Online Archives of California; Neiman's Phantom Radio and Missing Showbox; Visions From Madame Blavatsky; Miller's Log Cabin at Nepenthe, 1944.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just got this in the mail today. It's really nice and worth a look.

I was at the HM Library about 5 years ago, and wish now that I had spent more time there. Big Sur is pretty much one of the most beautiful places on earth, and worth a visit or two. (or a lifetime)

I mention my visit in the travel story that I've put in the web page linked below.

8:30 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to visit Big Sur for the longest time. I might have to bum my way out there once I get a break from school.

8:50 pm  
Blogger finefettle said...

I moved to San Francisco last year, and have visited big sur and the library twice since. The last time I bought a first edition copy of the Hamlet Letters in french.

3:46 am  
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