Thursday, June 04, 2009

Casting Suggestion: Langella as Miller

While viewing the excellent film, Frost/Nixon, it struck me that actor Frank Langella would be a great casting choice to play an old Henry Miller from the 1960s. All it would take are some blue contact lenses and a bit of a Brooklyn accent (Langella is from New Jersey)--the rest is already in place. I was last inspired by the idea of casting Miller for a movie a few years back, when I posted 'Casting Henry Miller.'

In the film Starting Out in the Evening (2007), Langella played a writer. Check out the photo still below and tell me that is not Miller.
Frank Langella as character Leonard Schiller in Starting Out in the Evening (photo: Roadside Attractions).

At right of this paragraph is a photo of Miller with glasses, from around the same age period of life. At the bottom of this post is a larger photo of Miller, several years earlier. Langella is actually 71 years old, but can play a bit younger, I think. A film about Miller's redemption in the courts with the Tropic of Cancer trial seems possible, maybe with some flashbacks of his life, with a younger actor playing younger Miller . Anyone got a few million lying around?

Blog Update: Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been too busy for the blog, and will probably not have time again until July. But I'll be back.

Henry Miller, 1946. Photo by Hagermeyer, in the Archive of California.