Saturday, November 02, 2013

Nexus: International Henry Miller Journal 10

Nexus: The International Henry Miller Journal celebrates its 10th anniversary with a 276-page edition, with 47 illustrations. Copies are available via online purchase for $15 postage-paid (U.S.) or $25 (Int'l) via the Journal’s website. See website for mail order details.


White Rabbit: The Reader, The Writer, & Ekphrastic Anxiety in Henry Miller’s “Reflections on Writing” by Dominic Jaeckle

Examining the Dump Heap: Prejudice in Henry Miller’s Moloch by Eric D. Lehman

Open Letters from the Hotel Central: My Reply to Emil Schnellock and Henry Miller by Kathleen A. McCloud

Henry Miller: Creating the ‘New Man’ out of ‘Chaos’: Getting a Handle on Henry Miller by Barry Lee Russell

Nostalgia without Chaos: Henry Miller and the Book of Friends by James M. Decker

A Confession by the Ping-Pong Table by Harry Kiakis

Anaïs Nin’s Buried Child: Translator’s Afterword to the Japanese version of Winter of Artifice (the Paris
edition, 1939) by Yuko Yaguchi

The Five Henry Millers: A Personal Essay on Approaching the Story of Henry Miller by D.A. Pratt

Henry Miller: A Study by Kevin M. Gallagher

Deleuze and Miller’s Machines – A Reading of Desire in Tropic of Cancer by Steffen Reitz

Henry Miller: A Comic Get Well Card by Anonymous

French, Swedish, Japanese and Chinese Publications: A Photographic Listing by Roger Jackson


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